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Rocket League is one of the most popular multiplayer online sports games which allows you to drive rocket-powered cars and play soccer. However, due to some restrictions, you may not be able to access and play Rocket League at places like schools or offices where certain websites and games are blocked. But in this article, we will show you some effective ways using which you can easily play Rocket League unblocked even from restricted networks.

Why is Rocket League blocked?

School and office networks often block games and other entertainment websites to increase productivity and avoid distractions. They aim to ensure students and employees spend their time and bandwidth on work or studies rather than games. This is one of the primary reasons why Rocket League and other online multiplayer games get blocked on these networks. Some other possible reasons why Rocket League may be blocked include:

  • Excessive bandwidth usage – Online multiplayer games require high-speed internet which can slow down the overall network performance.
  • Inappropriate content – Though Rocket League is rated E for everyone, some school administrators may block it fearing age-inappropriate content.
  • Security risks – Direct internet access to game servers can potentially expose the private network to cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

How to play Rocket League Unblocked at School?

Here are some effective ways to play Rocket League unblocked on restricted school networks:

Use a VPN

One of the most reliable methods is to use a VPN or virtual private network service. A VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote server bypassing all network restrictions. This allows you to access blocked Rocket League game servers as if you were connecting from outside the school network. Some top free VPNs for playing RL at school include Hotspot Shield, Windscribe, and ProtonVPN.

Gaming platforms

You can try playing games on online gaming platforms that are often not blocked by school filters. Popular choices are GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Google Stadia which allow you to stream and play Rocket League directly from their servers through a web browser.

Port forwarding Workaround

Some tech-savvy users employ port forwarding to connect directly to Rocket League servers through alternative ports instead of the standard blocked ones. However, this requires accessing router settings which may not always be possible from a school network.

Local WiFi hotspots

If your mobile device supports tethering or hotspots, you can turn on the personal hotspot and connect your laptop/PC to it. This bypasses all school network restrictions and filters by using your internet connection. Make sure to switch back after gameplay to avoid data charges.

Offline Practice Mode

Rocket League includes an offline exhibition/practice mode where you can play against bots locally without an internet connection. Though less fun than online multiplayer, it’s a good way to pass the time and improve skills when the network blocks online access.

Playing Rocket League Unblocked at Work

Office networks tend to have similar if not stricter restrictions than schools to ensure maximum productivity. Here are some effective methods to play RL unblocked at work:

Remote desktop to home PC

If you have a gaming PC at home, use remote desktop software like TeamViewer to access and control it remotely from the office. This allows playing RL on your high-powered home screen while appearing to work on your office machine.

Cloud gaming services

As mentioned before, cloud gaming platforms like GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, etc that don’t require direct downloads/updates are best for playing Rocket League at work over the browser.

Cafeteria/lobby hotspot

During your lunch or coffee breaks when away from your desk, try connecting to your phone hotspot in cafeteria/lobby areas which usually have less strict filters than actual office networks.

Offline Bot Matches

Just like at school, you can spend short breaks playing local exhibition/practice matches without the internet when the office network blocks RL servers. Every small bit of practice counts.

Top Rocket League tricks and tips for beginners

Here are some useful Rocket League tricks, tips, and techniques that can help beginners level up their skills for dominating unblocked matches:

Master Ball Control: Spend time in free play getting comfortable with car control, dribbling, accurate shooting, and aerial hits. Ground skills are most important.

Learn Basic Aerials: Work on timing your jumps, boosting, and hitting the ball in the air for clearances and goals. Start with stationary balls then moving balls.

Rotate back on Defense: Don’t double commit forward. Drop back post after attacking to prevent odd-man rushes and easy goals.

Play 1v1 Matches: This mode teaches vital skills like discipline, shadow defense, patience, and individual playmaking under pressure.

Master Fast Aerials: For aerials from your half, boost as you jump for maximum reach and power. Useful for scoring off clear.

Use Ball Cam: Switch to ball cam mode for the majority of matches for better situational awareness. It will feel awkward but is crucial.

Learn Basic Dribbling: Practice carrying the ball on top of the car with a boost for surprise shots and passes. Master the basics first.

Watch Pro Streamers: Observe how the experts position themselves, rotate, pass, and defend. Much can be learned without playing themselves.

Master Power Shots: For hard, accurate shots learn to flip into the ball for greater power and accuracy, especially in 1v1.

FAQs about Playing Rocket League Unblocked

My school/office updates the firewall regularly. Will these methods still work?

VPNs, remote desktops,s and cloud gaming are the most reliable options even with regular firewall updates since they establish an encrypted tunnel/connection outside the local network restrictions. Other workarounds like port forwarding may stop working with major firewall changes.

Will I get into trouble for playing games on the school/office network?

Possibly yes if caught. Most organizations explicitly prohibit non-work related internet usage. However, chances of getting caught are low if you are discreet and don’t play during actual work hours. It’s still better to avoid risks and not rely on a work network for games.

Which is the lowest latency cloud gaming service for Rocket League?

GeForce NOW generally offers the lowest latency experience for Rocket League across different regions due to Nvidia’s state-of-the-art servers and hardware. Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming perform decently as well depending on your location and internet quality.

How much bandwidth does Rocket League use unblocked?

A: Rocket League’s bandwidth usage varies based on game modes and number of players. On average, you can expect to use around 80-100 MB per hour for casual 1v1 matches. Competitive 3v3 extra modes may consume 150-200 MB/hour. Ensure you have adequate data allowance if using a cellular hotspot.

Can playing unblocked affect my school/work internet speed?

Yes, using techniques like VPN, remote desktop and cloud gaming will consume some amount of bandwidth from the shared office/school network since you are essentially routing internet traffic through it even if just to establish an encrypted tunnel. However, the impact should be minimal as long as you are playing for short bursts during breaks and not long gaming sessions. Make sure not to create bandwidth-hogging bottlenecks during peak hours.


By utilizing techniques like VPN, gaming platforms, hotspots, and private remote connections, it is very possible to play Rocket League and enjoy some casual fun even from restricted networks like schools and offices. The key is to be discreet, moderate playtime, and not abuse the organization’s internet resources. Following basic precautions, you can easily get your RL fix unblocked wherever you are. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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